Saturday, September 10, 2016

Life Drawing in Cartooning Class

Inking from the model

SVA employs such outstanding models, I can I hope be forgiven for stealing a little time to sketch while my students are working. Trying the assignments myself helps me tune in and give better advice.

Gesture drawing in ink

We work from models on 4 evenings in the Inking Comics course and 6 evenings-- every other week-- in Figure Drawing for Cartoonists. Each course involves different challenges, though some activities are common to both. Near the end of each course we do "pose requests": students take turns showing the model difficult poses from their comic projects for her to approximate. While we do that, in the Figure class, we also practice penciling for ink-- moving from construction lines in blue to tight pencils in black.

Moving from pencil to ink and lettering.

And in the Inking class, we practice drawing in ink wash.

And, as I'm fond of sharing, we do a popular challenge on Figure Drawing week 8 of 12, improvising comics from a costumed model. Mine turned out a bit wiggy this time (and pardon my language), but don't miss this earlier post of the marvelous comic student Daniel Schaffer came up with that evening.

Classes start soon! Figure Drawing for Cartoonists begins Wednesday Sept 21. Cartooning Basics begins Thursday Sept 22. Inking Comics begins Friday Sept 23. Come join us!

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