Friday, September 2, 2011

My Fall Courses at SVA

Cartoon character style treatments (c) by Vernon Williams

This Tuesday evening, September 6, I'll be presenting slideshows for my upcoming Continuing Ed classes, Cartooning Basics and Figure Drawing for Graphic Novelists, at the School of Visual Art's Illustration and Cartooning information session.

Life drawings, comic figure studies, and comic page (c) by Barrett Holloway

In Cartooning Basics, we survey all the topics one has to address to produce a comic story-- from concepts and designs to writing and visual storytelling, composition, figure drawing, inking, lettering, printing, and publishing-- culminating in the creation by each student of a printed minicomic. It's a whirlwind of information but intensely fun work.

Figure Drawing for Graphic Novelists similarly surveys a list of problems one has to address to successfully draw comic book figures. Topics here include figure structure, foreshortening, feature wrapping, action, staging, body language, clothing and drapery, character design, style treatments, ink rendering, and more! Classes alternate between life drawing from the model and figure construction from imagination, in an effort to coordinate the two experiences. More intense hard fun. Come check it out.

Chibi Brando (c) by John Soister