Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Ghost Mermaid, an improv comic

As I keep saying, my favorite session in the Figure Drawing for Cartoonists course is the one where we have a costumed model improvise a narrative in successive poses while we improvise comics from them. This summer, our model was Miss Cherry Delight who performed in the costume she wore as Miss Coney Island 2013. A good time was had by, well, ME for sure. I hope the students enjoyed it too.

Fall classes are enrolling now. Come see me 6:30 pm Sept. 7 at SVA's Illustration and Cartooning Information Session to hear about Figure Drawing for Cartoonists, Cartooning Basics, and Inking Comics.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Excuse Me!

SVA is currently using an image of mine in their ad campaign for the fall Continuing Education program that they're running in The Comics Journal. Here are screen shots with the various versions.

And here's the original cartoon.

Speaking of, classes are enrolling now:
Figure Drawing for Cartoonists on Wednesdays, Cartooning Basics on Thursdays, and Inking Comics on Fridays.
Time to sign up. Tell your posse.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Combinatoric Project, Row 1: Joyful Characters

This is the first row of my combinatoric poster from 2003. Check here for the project description and formulae.

#1, Joyful Cuddly Animal.

#2, Joyful Mermaid.
Beach ball, border, background, crosshatch, pattern.

#3, Joyful Robot.
Shadow, contrast.

#4, Joyful Fat Cat.
Letter, cigar, border, shading.

#5, Joyful Stick Man.
Butterflies, background, outline.

#6, Joyful Space Alien.
Pizza, border, shadow, crosshatch.

#7, Joyful Dork.
Flowers, contrast.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Combinatoric Project, Row 2: Disconsolate Characters

This is the second row of my combinatoric poster from 2003. Check here for the project description and formulae.

#8, Disconsolate Cuddly Animal.
Bowling ball, border, shadow, crosshatch, pattern.

#9, Disconsolate Mermaid.

#10, Disconsolate Robot.
Flowers, Vaudeville hat & cane, Clinamen (hat & cane not Vaudeville), border, background, shading.

#11, Disconsolate Fat Cat.
Whiskey, shadow, outline.

#12, Disconsolate Stick Man.
Coffee, t-shirt, border, crosshatch.

#13, Disconsolate Space Alien.
Background, contrast, pattern.

#14, Disconsolate Dork.
Milk, border, shadow, shading.