Thursday, September 24, 2020



I've been maintaining sanity (somewhat) by making these elections signs. 
Download them to use wherever.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Study Cartooning Online this Fall

Brian Miguel has some fun with our present lifestyle.

Stuck at home with our dreams and ambitions and so so much to vent, this seems a good time to work on funny pictures. 

My fall online cartooning courses are enrolling right now: Cartooning Basics and Figure Drawing for Cartoonists. These will be held in the evenings, 6:30 pm EST, and can be taken by adults anywhere on the planet. Registration ends soon, so sign up right away!

Our first round of online-only cartooning courses went surprisingly well over the summer. The students enjoyed the close sense of community our Zoom sessions fostered and the intensive attention given to their work. We usually end class with one of my Daredoodle challenges as we listen to music. It's fun.

Jeff Mielke makes crazy faces out of blobs (Daredoodle #1)

I'm finding that the preparation of the "asynchronous" components-- recorded lectures, topic pages, pdf resources, and more-- is helping me become a better teacher. I have to really nail down the order of the steps artists follow and the reasoning behind them.

And OMG, there's the quality of the work being done! If I tried to show every amazing project my students came up with, this post would go on and on. Here are some representative examples.

Nancy Dougherty stuns with this homage to psychedelic posters.

Sheila Robinson claimed not to have drawn much before taking the figure class. She proved a quick study and charmed us all with her lively animal sketches.

Lexie Montgomery carved a multicolor stencil of the view from her window.

Gabriela Behnen launches into a fun comic about a squirrel therapist conducting sessions in a park.

Again, fall courses are enrolling now: Cartooning Basics and Figure Drawing for Cartoonists