Sunday, May 29, 2016

SVA Summer Courses begin June 7!

This is the last week to enroll in my 2016 summer courses at SVA.

Here are more examples from one of the more popular exercises in the Figure Drawing for Cartoonists course, the one where we improvise comics from the costumed model.

I'm usually busy going around the room and hectoring, er, I mean teaching, the students as they work. But now and then I steal some time to play the game too, however slapdashedly. These examples don't quite gel into stories, but boy were they fun to do. More of mine are posted here, and here.

Come try this yourself.
Inking Comics is on Tuesdays during the summer session, Figure Drawing on Wednesdays, and Basics on Thursdays.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Cartozia Tales #8: The Voyage of the Verbeekens

The following story is a recipient of a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators in this year's Short Form Comics category. It's an homage to the Upside Downs of Gustave Verbeek from 1903-1905. You read the four pages to the end, then flip the comic over and read back to the beginning. I present it here upside down and downside up, halved for web display:

Many thanks to the Society and the jury for choosing to honor my work, and to Cartozia Tales editor, Isaac Cates for daring me to try it! There will be an awards ceremony on June 17 and original pages will be on display from July 19 to August 20.

Addendum, Sept. 2016, here are the photos I snapped of the pages on the wall:

Curious how these cartooning tricks are done? I'd love to show you all the secrets! My summer courses are enrolling right now at SVA.