Sunday, December 26, 2010

Classes Future and Students Past

This amazing "Noodling Worksheet" is by the amazing Daniel Pucca,
rendered over a line drawing by yours truly.

This spring, I'll once again teach the Inking Comics course, alongside my regularly scheduled Cartooning Basics class at SVA, making this a good time to follow up on this earlier post. An impressive number of former students are making me proud and making their excellent work available online.

A group of inking students, notably Daniel Pucca (above), Van Hong, and Ken Frederick, continue their studies on the Drinking and Inking blog.

Ken Frederick is also active in Pronto comics, along with Earl Barrett-Holloway and Dominic Sparano.

Zachary Snyder's web comic Stupid Inventor, was a finalist in The Washington Post's America's Next Great Cartoonist contest. Zachary also has a YouTube channel, Stupid Inventions.

Meanwhile, Bill Roundy has a strip running in The Brooklyn Paper, Bar Scrawl, that combines cartooning with bar hopping. How fun is that?

Mark Weisner, aka Max West, has a blog and website of his Sunnyville Stories.

Adam Markiewicz' "The Insomniac" blog features must-see comics and sexy pin-up girls.

A personal favorite: Alexander Rothman makes poetic broadsheet comics on his Versequential blog and participates in Tapir Tooth along with Andrea Tsurumi.

Have I forgotten anybody? Send me a link!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Recent Strip

This one is a rare attempt at ink wash, which I think turned out okay.