Sunday, August 30, 2020

From the Archive, True Fiction #1, 2000


Has it really been 20 years? This minicomic, informally titled "Loss of Face," was my first attempt at improvising ink illustrations on the blank page, sans penciling. Many of the panels are collaged from various "takes."

The story was written in a similarly impromptu way. I was having coffee with a fellow cartoonist who complained of the difficulty of coming up with stories. I replied that a story could be begun from any thought or observation. Said friend had a prominent schnozz, so the first thought off the top of my head, offered as an example, became the first line here.

The series title may seem at first like a paradox or contradiction. I've noticed a couple of video productions using the name since. They usually refer to work that somehow blurs the line between documentary and fiction. But that's true of all documentary and all fiction. By True Fiction, I mean authentic fiction. That would be fiction that has nothing true about it. Usually, I intend metafiction and other experimental approaches. I've put out a dozen or so little self-publications under the name in the decades since, FWIW.