Friday, January 17, 2020

Figure Drawing for Cartoonists Student Work

Skeletons at the park by Lindsay Ducey

We had a dynamic group in Figure Drawing for Cartoonists last semester. I managed to document a couple of the amazing pieces by a couple of the amazing people, Lindsay Ducey and G. H, Yamauchi.

G. H. Yamauchi opted to work on skeletons of children.

In this class, we practice our figure drawing by tackling an array of challenges. We begin by looking at the human skeleton, along with the work of Posada and Holbein, in order to practice joint breaks, twist, silhouetting, and other figure staging concerns. Getting skeletons to look alive sets us up for more vivid finished art.

Then we work through topics like forces, foreshortening, muscle groups, and style, working from models, photos, reference, and imagination, leading up to the fun activity where we apply figures to the comic format, composing comic pages improvised from a costumed model.

Yamauchi bravely knocked out her comic in ink.

That one's so fun, I can never resist playing too:

...aaaaand, we proceed from there to plan a comic scene and complete a page or two. The class is informative, challenging and fun. The new semester begins January 28. Sign up soon, tell your friends, and like that. Thanks!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Thinking In Ink!

Come see me this Monday at the SVA Illustration & Cartooning information session and learn about my newest course, Thinking In Ink.

This course builds on techniques and topics from my previous inking comics course. It'll be edifying for beginners and returning students alike.

We'll look at bunches of bravura and master cartooning examples to get a sense of the effects that are possible and what the effects are useful for.

I'll offer a menu of unusual challenges including coloring book pages and stencil cutting.

We'll explore unusual tools and methods, building on traditional approaches to go beyond them. 

Thinking In Ink meets on Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30 pm at the School of Visual Arts, beginning January 28. Also enrolling are my Wednesday course, Figure Drawing for Cartoonists, and on Thursdays, Cartooning Basics. Come talk to me this Monday, or shoot me an email with your questions.