Monday, April 9, 2018

Uses of Life Drawing

In my Figure Drawing for Cartoonists and Inking Comics courses at SVA, we employ live models for a number of purposes beyond the study of anatomy. Some examples:
  • one day, we have the model recline at oblique angles to study foreshortening
  • another, she'll pose with fabric so we can study folds in relation to the body
  • sometimes we turn out all the lights but one to study dramatic light
  • on another occasion, we practice composing camera shots, coordinating figure and background

  • often we take turns requesting poses for our comics in progress, using the occasion to practice...
  • ... ink wash...
  • ...or to practice building images from non-photo blue through to finished inks, permitting imaginative transformations of a pose:
  • and I've shown several examples of models performing stories.
  • of course, we keep skeletons in the closet to study what's under it all. 

SVA has the best models. Come see for yourself. The info session is May 17 at 6:30 pm. Classes start the first week in June.