Thursday, January 14, 2016

An Improv Comic

One of my favorite exercises I give in the Figure Drawing for Cartoonists course is a comic improv. We begin by looking at the panel compositions of the great Alex Toth, noting the ways he balanced images against graphic elements and composed shots to zero in on story information. We then have a costumed model improvise a narrative from pose to pose, while the students create an impromptu comic story, adding dialogue and sounds, crafting appropriate shots and pages.

Every few semesters, I steal a little time to play along. Here's a recent example where I managed some quick sketches as I coached the class. I posted an earlier example here, and a couple student examples are included here and here.

You'll notice that when I do the assignment I draw directly in ink-- a very satisfying way to work. That's something I get everyone doing in the Inking Comics course.

The spring semester begins soon. Come play with us!

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