Monday, January 11, 2016

Student Spotlight~ Joshua Daniel

Check out these amazing comics by outstanding Inking Comics student, Josh Daniel, a.k.a. The Noir Guy.

The final project says simply "One character steals something from another character. The first character tries to get it back. Incorporate a change from inside to outside or vice versa and from day to night or vice versa. Have at least one texture figure into the story." Josh took the prompt and ran  away with it.

And here's Josh's inspired solution to an earlier assignment, "Create a one or two page comic which, with the possible exception of sounds or dialogue, begins with an all black panel. During the story a light comes on. You may decide what that light is-- a match, a light bulb, the sun, or what."

Inking Comics is the class where we focus on the problem of making our comic drawings publishable. The placement of lights and darks and forms and shadows has a definitive role in orchestrating a reading experience. Rendering techniques and stylistic choices determine its flavor. Artists who work digitally must solve the same problems. Come delve with us. Learn all about it.

Tomorrow evening, Jan. 12, is the info session for SVA's Cartooning & Illustration Continuing Education department. Come talk to me there about my courses, Inking Comics, Figure Drawing for Cartoonists, and Cartooning Basics (and follow those links for a gander at SVA's spiffy new web design). Courses begin the last week in January. Tell your friends.

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