Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Combinatoric Project, Row 2: Disconsolate Characters

This is the second row of my combinatoric poster from 2003. Check here for the project description and formulae.

#8, Disconsolate Cuddly Animal.
Bowling ball, border, shadow, crosshatch, pattern.

#9, Disconsolate Mermaid.

#10, Disconsolate Robot.
Flowers, Vaudeville hat & cane, Clinamen (hat & cane not Vaudeville), border, background, shading.

#11, Disconsolate Fat Cat.
Whiskey, shadow, outline.

#12, Disconsolate Stick Man.
Coffee, t-shirt, border, crosshatch.

#13, Disconsolate Space Alien.
Background, contrast, pattern.

#14, Disconsolate Dork.
Milk, border, shadow, shading.

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