Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Continuing Continuing Education

Projects students undertake in my SVA classes often extend well beyond the conclusion of a course. Some recent examples:

Peter Shevenell's exploration of cartooning styles from the Figure Drawing for Cartoonists course is appearing in SVA's ads running this month in The Comics Journal.

Also from the Figure class, Daniel Schaffer's final project, a 3 page comic called "Hitler's Nightmare," is online this month in The Brooklyn Rail.

Last June, 5 former students-- Van Hong, Katie Surrence, Kevin Cooney, Kyle Rose, and the incomparable Kenly Dillard-- displayed their artwork in the halls at SVA's main building.

(Sorry about the blurry cell phone photos. Follow the links to see more from these artists.)

We're planning to do that again soon, there are so many amazing students I hope to feature.

I'm always happy to stay in touch. I count many former students among my friends and colleagues. Though it's been years since he first took one of my courses, Earl Barrett-Holloway and I still meet for coffee on occasion and go over pages of his kickass action/sci-fi/horror comic, The Squid.

That's the tip of the iceberg. Look for more student updates soon.
Classes are enrolling right now. Figure Drawing for Cartoonists starts Sept. 21. Cartooning Basics starts Sept. 22. Inking Comics starts Sept. 23.

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