Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sketches from "Comic New York," a symposium at Columbia University

Let's see if I can catch up on posting my symposium sketches.

Last March, I managed to attend most of Comic New York and managed to sketch most of the participants. I never managed to sit too close and hence may not have managed to achieve many likenesses. Still and all, here's what I did:

 Political New York  Moderator: David Hadju, Denis Kitchen, Sabrina Jones, John Carey

Alternative New York  Moderator: Gene Kannenberg jr, Bill Griffith, R Sikoryak, Charles Brownstein, Julia Wertz

Keynote: a conversation with Chris Claremont and Louise Simonson  Introduced by Eric Wakin

Periodical New York  Moderator: Eddy Portnoy, Irwin Hasen, Emily Flake, Ben Katchor, Lauren Weinstein

 New York as Breeding Ground  Moderator: Danny Fingeroth, Al Jaffee, Miss Lasko-Gross, Tracy White, Dean Haspiel
Comic New York and the Academy  Moderator: Jeremy Dauber (Columbia University), Jonathan W. Gray (CUNY/John Jay), Paul Levitz (Columbia University), N.C. Christopher Couch (University of Massachusetts/Amherst & the  School of Visual Arts)

Some lovely ladies in the audience:

Some artifacts in the room:


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mattmadden said...

I love your sketches from the last year or so: gestural, inky, stripped down.