Thursday, January 3, 2013

Check out my amazing cartooning students!

Enrollment is under way for my spring continuing ed courses at the School of Visual Arts-- Cartooning Basics and Figure Drawing for Graphic Novelists.

a comic page by Ken Frederick

Come study the figure in the comic book context. We'll deal with anatomy, sure, but also run through skills-building exercises in character design, forceful movement, theatrical staging, body language, costumes, storytelling, design, inking,...

The Cartooning Basics course similarly covers steps in the creation of a short comic, from the concept to the printed booklet, with time devoted to fundamentals in the graphic language of form, perspective, composition, camera movement, lettering, inking,... Cartooning involves a lot of basics, but there's nothing more fun!

The school has just posted these galleries of student work. Have a look!

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