Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dueling Models

I had a fabulous time last Wednesday at Dare to Draw at the Society of Illustrators. They featured two athletic models choreographed into battle poses.

I really enjoyed the snarling faces the guy made throughout but, even more, I was grateful for the way the woman could rarely suppress her smile. It reinforced the feeling that the mock violence was all in fun.

I don't know these people and can't presume to speak for them, but to me it felt indicative of sexual difference. The man seemed able to invest his imagination fully in the drama while the woman couldn't shake her sense of the silliness of it all. This kind of imagery is for boys, and the girls just play along.

There was one beheading pose that I found particularly hard to deal with until I was able to connect it in memory to that episode of Sherlock where Irene Adler is about to be beheaded but her executioner reveals himself to be Sherlock in disguise.

In this decades long epidemic of murderously suicidal young men committing huge atrocities all over the world, please please please keep it unreal.

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Unknown said...

Way to handle homicidal urges! Those not lucky enough to have someone who'll play fight it out with them, the next best thing is drawing it right out of your system! I've never had the opportunity to draw fights, or fighting folks, and actually, it hasn't ever entered my mind, but it looks fun... especially for the soft spoken people who simply, well... "never get angry". I don't perpetrate, never been rowdy! Wish I could find my inner roughneck sometimes... a lot less nose blowing!