Sunday, May 12, 2019

Cartooning Courses at SVA

I had another strong semester full of talented students at the School of Visual Arts this spring. I'll post more examples soon, but right away have a look at...


Victoria DeMaria absolutely rocked the rendering worksheets, above, as well as the assignment below, which is to begin with an all black panel, have one light come on in panel 2, and build a story from there. In both senses, brilliant.

Pele Bapere was at first skeptical about inking, but once he got going on his "no penciling" sketchbook assignment, he quickly fell in love with the medium.
Here's a page from his final project.


Ron Williams is developing a comic about an imaginary friend gone rogue. Show us more, Ron, and soon!

Jonah Newman is at work on this eye-popping graphic memoir.

Here are some of his planning sketches and sketchbook studies.

I've been greatly entertained by Jonah's first graphic novel, Empire on Edge, serialized on his website.
Of the Figures course, Jonah says, "From paying attention to natural curves to tricks for drawing hands and hips, many of the lessons you taught me will stick with me for life -- and in the short term, make my graphic memoir so much stronger."

Johnny DiNapoli adds, "This class not only made me a better artist, but made me enjoy drawing more. I really appreciate all your encouragement and advice."
Johnny entertained us with his character Helpapotamus in comics and in parodies of famous movie poses.

CARTOONING BASICS produced several delightful mini comics. Here are covers and sample spreads by

Marci Senders...

Gabe Quiroga...

and Damon Strub...

...and a good time was had by all. Summer courses are enrolling now. Classes are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The info session is coming up on May 16. Spread the word, please.

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