Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Student Spotlight: G. H. Yamauchi

Check out this artful and moving comic by G. H. Yamauchi that just appeared in Electric Lit.
Yamauchi began the comic in my fall 2015 Cartooning Basics course & set it aside until, encouraged by a friend, she submitted it to this publisher, who suggested revisions, and voila. Way worth the time and effort.

Of Cartooning Basics, she says, "You were always so kindly encouraging to all of us in the class, and I really appreciated your support. So, thank you! Please know you made a difference for me." 

I believe comics is the finest medium for telling personal stories and putting thoughts and feelings down on paper, as this example beautifully shows. I encourage my students to take the time they need to produce their best work. For my part, I'm often finishing comics I began decades ago and starting others that may gestate for years. It's a happy day for me when a student project from months or years before appears triumphantly in my inbox. 

What stories are lurking in your heart? 
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