Monday, January 14, 2019

Introduction to Illustration: Creating a Portfolio

For her project, Mariana Tapia made watercolor paintings illustrating Spanish words that don't exist in English. See more at

I've been teaching this illustration course for Pratt Institute's School of Continuing and Professional Studies for a couple of years now. Follow the link and scroll down to find the course. 
The new session starts next week, Tuesday, January 22.

In this class, we explore fundamental dichotomies within the field, such as static vs dynamic composition, realistic vs designed images, and organic vs architectural forms. We look at various styles, formats, genres, and media in illustration's history. We tackle a variety of sketchbook challenges: editorial concepts, sequential continuity, observational drawing and painting, and more. We discuss print and digital technology. We have field trips to lectures and life drawing sessions. A lot gets done in just ten weeks!

The course project is to create a related series of three or more illustrations to inaugurate a portfolio. 

Shanna Cho made a series of digitally painted scrolls inspired by Korean folk tales.

And I wouldn't neglect to cover comic techniques along the way.

Mariana Tapia's timely comic page.

It's an upbeat class. Students have been making friends and having a good time, while surprising us all with their inventiveness. I'm getting positive feedback: 
"This course was well structured and hands on. It guided me to work on my first illustration project which I really enjoyed"
"I really appreciate your joyful attitude and your willingness to share your knowledge and ideas"

Come join the fun.

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