Friday, September 14, 2018

Bringing Characters to Life

My fall classes start next week at SVA. Please help spread the word. 
Cartooning Basics begins Thursday Sept. 20, Inking Comics begins Friday Sept. 21, and Figure Drawing for Cartoonists begins Wednesday Sept. 26.

Carl Kent's exercise of skeletons in the park.
In the figure class, we start with the skeleton and proceed to discuss muscle groups, shapes, forces, rhythms, staging, foreshortening, performing, composition, visual storytelling, cartoon styles, and more, including the popular exercise composing comics from a live model.

Page one from Mary Rhoads' live model comic.
Mary Rhoads' chibi interpretation of her characters.

In the inking class, we get comfortable with media as we study rendering, value organization, light and shadow design, and storytelling strategies.

Here's Kyle Rose's color version of his ink study from within the classroom.

And in Basics, we go over the whole shebang and then make minicomics.

Come join the fun!

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