Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Student Spotlight: Zachary Brunner and Ron Zoni

Here are two students from the spring semester Inking Comics course who took very different approaches and achieved outstanding results.

Here's Zachary Brunner's "Single Source Light" exercise. The assignment is to begin a comic story with an all black panel. In panel 2, a light comes on, and the comic develops from there.

In an earlier post, I teased you with one of the panels from Zachary's final project. Here's the whole thing:

Podcast DJ, Ron Zoni's cartooning tends more toward the whimsical and playfully experimental, often recalling classic humor styles.

Here's a page from his final...

...and here are images from Ron's sketchbook:

It's one of the paradoxes of cartooning that the first thing the reader sees, the inking, is the last thing the artist did. The first thing the artist does, get an idea, is last thing the reader sees. They have to read the whole comic to know what that was. Whatever type of cartoonist you choose to be, it's your inking that'll win people over.

Class begins June 5. Sign up soon.

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