Saturday, January 4, 2014

Draw Two Panels

In the months before launching Cartozia Tales, Isaac Cates invented a card game for cartoonists, Draw Two Panels, and got me playing it. One deals oneself random comic panels from an ever changing deck, and then draws new panels to make sense of the juxtapositions.

This is the starter deck I created following Isaac's rules, which include quoting from books, songs, Facebook status updates, and comics, drawing from life, doodling, and more:

Here are the strips I made so far. Some include cards drawn by Isaac, that he retired from his own deck:

The Cartozia project has distracted us both from playing this, but I hope to make time for it again. I was inspired to create a spinoff game that I'm calling The Deckless Wonder. I'll post examples from that one sometime. Cartooning games are fun.

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