Thursday, September 12, 2013

Before Cartozia

About 5 years ago, cartooning genius Isaac Cates launched an earlier attempt at the map jam comics approach that's since evolved into Cartozia Tales (and which, I beg of you, you really should subscribe to on Kickstarter so it can continue). That first take was called, simply, Mapjam.

The original Mapjam wasn't as focused as Cartozia Tales and it was more for adults, but the material was all really good. I was part of that first team. We only completed two rounds of the game, which were both collected in a single issue. After that, I think Isaac became too busy with new professorships to prod the artists into producing more. So the whole thing fizzled, only to be revived, sharper, now.

Here's one of the stories I contributed. It features a character who's also appearing in the new issue, Cartozia Tales #2. Meet Conan Doyle, Barbarian Detective:

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Mike said...

Great to see this again, Tom. And I'm delighted that Conan Doyle is returning in Cartozia Tales!