Thursday, October 7, 2010

Panel Discussions

Comics and Form. Ben Katchor, Jillian Tamaki, Karen Green, and Robert Berry. Brooklyn Book Festival, 9/12/2010.

I've fallen way behind on posting my sketches from panel discussions. With the New York Comic Con coming up this weekend, I may get swamped with more. So here, newest to oldest, are my latest...

At the Brooklyn Book Festival last September, I was listening to a very fine panel on The International Graphic Novel with Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, Josh Neufeld, and Nick Abadzis, when it started to rain on my sketch paper. Then I got a text from my wife that my daughter, Molly, was helping Chris Raschka read a book at the kids' tent, so I dashed over there and ended up sketching Raschka. Later was the Comics and Form panel pictured above.

Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, Josh Neufeld, Nick Abadzis. Brooklyn Book Festival, 9/12/2010.

Chris Raschka, 9/12/2010

Last December, 12/5/09, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Williamsburg hosted this panel called Flatlands: Comics on the Picture Plane featuring Mark Newgarden, David Sandlin, Lisa Hanawalt, and Ron Rege Jr, and moderated by Bill Kartalopoulos, followed by a live comics drawing session with Robert Sikoryak, Frank Santoro, and Gabrielle Bell.

At King Con, Brooklyn, 11/7/09, I sat in on this panel, Europe to Brooklyn, moderated by Thomas Baehr, and featuring Vasilis Lolos, Simon Fraser, and Amir Moye.

Before that, there was the Robert Crumb interview conducted by Francoise Mouly at the Union Square Barnes and Noble on October 23, 2009. I showed up ten minutes early to get a good seat. Sheesh. I guess my head's stuck in the 1980s. I can't get it through my head that comics are respected now.

Back on September 28, 2009, I made it to the New York Anime Festival, and attended this interview and slide show with fashion designers from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Included in this picture are designers Miho Satoh and Masumi Kanoh, moderator Jessica Kam (in plaid), and Viz Media president Seichi Horoguchi. Special thanks to Andrea Tsurumi for helping me with these attributions.

And on September 12, 2009, Andrei Molotiu moderated a panel at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art on Abstract Comics. Left to right we see Alexey Sokolin, Henrik Rehr, Richard Hahn, Janusz Jaworski, Patrick McDonnell, Anders Pearson, Derik Badman, Andrei Molotiu, and MoCCA Director, Karl Erickson.

And way back on August 12, 2009, was this panel called Lines On Paper: Drawing for Comics at Union Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, moderated by Bill Kartalopoulos and featuring Austin English, Lisa Hanawalt, and Dash Shaw.

Whew. Now I'm ready to go sketch some more.


Andrea Tsurumi said...


My friend Jessica Kam (Signy) moderated the Baby the Stars Shine Bright panel (she was the one in the bright pink plaid suit) and I modeled in the fashion show.

I think designers Miho Satoh and Masumi Kanoh were there on the panel, but I don't know which is which. said...

Thanks a bunch, dear! I just incorporated your info into the post. If you have any other corrections to offer, please do.

Andrei Molotiu said...

I just found this, Tom! Cool. I linked to it on the AC blog: