Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oulipo in New York

Writers from the Oulipo were in New York last week conducting readings, book signings, panels, and workshops. I managed to attend three of the events:
A reading at The New School on April 1st introduced by Honor Moore and Jean-Jacques Poucel, featuring Anne F. Garreta, Herve LeTellier, Marcel Benabou, Jacques Roubaud, Daniel Levin Becker, and Ian Monk;

an April 3rd panel on "Translating Georges Perec" at NYU's Maison Francaise with Ian Monk and David Bellos, moderated by Emmanuelle Ertel;

and an April 3rd reading at Pierogi Gallery hosted by The Brooklyn Rail, featuring Monk, Garreta, Roubaud, Benabou, and LeTellier, and hosted by Donald Breckenridge.
Please click on the images to really see them.


Isaac said...

You know, you're actually sort of making me wish I lived in New York.

Claire said...

This is excellent! You really captured the spirit of those three events - well done!

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Laurie said...

Great work, I like it.

beaq said...

I'm clearly a whole 'nother Laurie, but I like it, too. Esp. variations on Hervé Le Tellier.