Monday, February 2, 2009

Last Year's New York Comic Con

The New York Comic Con is coming up this weekend. I look forward to attending some of the classes and panels they're offering. I may as well post a few more of the sketches I made last year, in anticipation of having a new batch soon.

This is from the panel, "Arf Arf," hosted by Craig Yoe and featuring Al Jaffee, Glenn Head, and David Cowles.

And here we see Jessica Abel and Matt Madden presenting their book, Drawing Words and Writing Pictures.

Here are Mark Evanier and J. J. Sedelmaier discussing "The State of Animation."

And here's the 2008 grouping of "The Legends Behind the Comic Books." Presented by Michael Uslan, we see Murphy Anderson, Jerry Robinson, Irwin Hasen, Ramona Fradon, Joe Sinnott, Stan Lee, Joe Simon, and John Romita. Dick Ayers was there, too, but from where I sat he was hidden by the podium.

I still have a few more of these sketches that I might post sometime soon.


Isaac said...

I recognized Matt and Jessica from your sketch. How about that? said...

If you hadn't, Isaac, it would be embarrassing.

Isaac said...

I mean, I recognized them before I saw your caption saying who they were.