Monday, May 20, 2019

Student Spotlight: Spring Roundup #2

Continuing our roundup of recent work by my former students, Annalisa Wilde employs cartooning to vent her rage in organizing newsletters and Instagram. Keep up the righteous fight, Annalisa!

Josh Daniel, The Noir Guy, is posting the detective misadventures of Rickety Rat, Toon PI. Here's the teaser to the current episode.

While we're doing teasers, here's the opener to final chapter of Tim Ballard's horror tale, Icy Pete.

Nico Douillet is in DC working for the UN and plugging away at his comic about fighting the ebola epidemic. Here's a sad and gorgeous sample page. 

Kyle Rose is going great guns with The Working Stiff, his comic about office zombies. And he's completing the seventh issue of his anthology, Emanata. It looks to be another great one.

Some students try their hands at cartooning on the way to other things. Matt Young, whom I've featured before, has moved on to digital painting.

I can't claim to have taught these brilliant artists everything they know, but I sure am proud of their achievements and I'm sure I helped.

 Classes start in just a couple of weeks. The time to sign up is now! Inking Comics Tuesdays, Figure Drawing for Cartoonists Wednesdays, and Cartooning Basics Thursdays, begin the first week of June.

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