Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Figure Drawing for Cartoonists: Comics from the Live Model

I've posted a number of these before. This time I have student's examples to share.
What we do is ask the model to improvise a narrative in her mind and perform it in a series of five-minute poses. The students use her poses as prompts to invent stories of their own. This affords a fun and challenging way to practice framing shots and composing pages, balancing imagery with the graphic elements of comics.

This time, model Leah performed a story involving plants and skeletons. Sarah Ransohoff made this story, about...

Ron Williams was inspired to go in a darker direction:

And here's what I came up with:

Figure Drawing for Cartoonists is a course where we tackle a variety of figurative challenges, each with its particular pedagogical purpose. More examples will follow.
That's my Wednesday class. Also enrolling now are Inking Comics on Tuesdays and Cartooning Basics on Thursdays. The info session is coming up May 16.
Come make comics with me!

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