Thursday, May 28, 2015

Student Testimonials

One of the chief pleasures of being an art instructor is getting to watch your former students turn pro, land book deals, go viral, win awards, ...

I can’t pretend to have taught these artists everything they know. Most are already better than I’ll ever be. But I was there early on, giving help along the way. And this is the thanks I get:

“You’re someone whose teaching I admire - you engage with each student’s work on an individual level but also get the whole class to come together as a group. Your workshops and exercises bring home each topic while making people excited to make their own work. I loved being in your class.”
Andrea Tsurumi

“...I took your class and found it fundamentally reoriented my approach to comics drawing. Just your summation of the PURPOSE of inking (it tells the reader how to read) turned my thinking about the page on its head. I am still digging through your class handouts on a regular basis and, on your sage advice, going to weekly life drawing sessions--the lone ink-toting artist in the room!  Tom Motley! You taught a great class that really helped me.”
A. K. Summers

“On the last session of illustration class, my piece came up for crit. The teacher had a dozen nits to pick on various things, but the one thing he lavished unqualified praise for was - the inking. Said it showed a reverence for the line, and was comforting to look at. I credit Tom Motley’s Inking Comics course.”
Van Hong

“Tom gets great work out of students at every level. He helps beginners get off the ground, while at the same time challenging more advanced students to reach for the next level on the long path to competence in cartooning.
His courses are thoughtfully designed, combining easy-to-absorb, game-changing insights into art-making with life drawing, loads of useful handouts, and exercises that make every week a true learning experience.
His style is entertaining and encouraging, and he has a masterful way of giving you the push you need to try harder and get better.”
Peter Shevenell

“Tom Motley has got a great comics mind in addition to his inking proficiency, and is an amazing resource to have. I don’t think I’d ever have developed the amount that I had without his insights when I was starting to take comics seriously.”
Matt Lubchansky

The summer session of Inking Comics is slated to begin in a week. Sign up soon!

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