Sunday, May 17, 2015

Student Spotlight: an Outstanding Spring Semester

Here are examples of the amazing group of students I was honored to instruct last semester.

David Beitzel, in the Cartooning Basics course, demonstrated delightful mastery of the comic strip. Follow Dave's blog here.

Laura Joh Rowland, also in the Basics class, created the first chapter of a finely crafted dramatic comic about a photographer trailing Jack the Ripper. Here's how it begins:

Peter Shevenell has appeared on my blog before. This time, he completed the Figure Drawing for Cartoonists course, focusing on 1970s era superheroes.

Zachary Brunner amazed us with his fine work in the Inking Comics class. Here's a panel from his final project,...

and here are a couple studies of one of our excellent models.

SVA employs the best art models. In the Inking course, we draw from models several times and in the Figure Drawing course we draw from models every second week.

And finally, Nathan Place, a.k.a. Difang, entertained us in the Inking class with his new online comic, which you can follow here. He posts a new page every Sunday night.

When such high calibre students come to me already knowing most of what they need, I'm able to help them fine tune and clarify key steps in the creative process. But don't let these folks intimidate you. These courses are helpful for students of all levels.

I'm collecting more examples of student work and hope to post more soon, so keep watching. Summer courses start in June. Come sign up.

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