Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Viva Cartozia!

These are images I contributed to a booklet on Cartozian magic published as a bonus to accompany  Cartozia Tales #2

An incantor named Hroner who specializes in finding lost objects, sometimes even ones that weren't really lost after all. Kudos to all who get the allusion. Be the first to call it in the comments below.

"Long exposure to harsh, strange, and potent materials sometimes makes older alchemists a bit peculiar."

I'm sipping champagne (okay, why pretend? It's Negro Modelo) in celebration of  the successful Kickstarter campaign for Cartozia Tales. Here are highlights from the copious press we received on the project, including one reviewer who loved everything about it except for me (Ouch!):

Scientific American, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, podcasts, interviews with the artists, endorsements by a stuffed bull and some blog in France,... Margaret Atwood, Alison Bechdel, and Neil Gaiman tweeted about it (what's past tense of "tweet"? "tweeted"? "twat"?)... such enthusiasm all around. Holy smokes!

I've worked on a great many structuralist comic collaborations, including several launched by Cartozia's mastermind, Isaac Cates (I'll blog more about these hence). It's SO gratifying to see one capture the public's imagination.

The Kickstarter and its rewards are finito, but you can still subscribe via the Cartozia website.

Thanks y'all! 'S time to draw more episodes...

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