Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Student Spotlight: Earl Barrett-Holloway

Earl's been studying with me for awhile now and he's getting so good, it's scary! He recently completed my Figure Drawing for Graphic Novelists course for the second time. I was able to give him some higher level assignments. The one above came from comparing Harvey Kurtzman rough sketches to Will Elder's finished artwork in the quest for an ideal hybrid. Earl blogged about it here.

And here's his final project, a page from the second issue of his comic, The Squid:

Here are more examples of assignments Earl completed for me over the years:

From a model sheet assignment.

Studies from a live model.

Final project page: Aquaman vs a creature from the Black Lagoon.

Another project page.

Earl has a Tumblr, an Instagram, and a website. It's all worth following.


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kenny said...

Wow, dude. This artist is amazing! Look at those panel compositions!

kenny said...

Wow, dude, this artist is amazing! So good it's almost hard to admire those epic panel compositions.