Saturday, January 19, 2019

Student Spotlight Roundup

I put out a call for updates from students and have a lot to share.
First, here's a roundup of courses enrolling right now:

Figure Drawing for Cartoonists, Wednesdays,
Cartooning Basics, Thursdays,
Inking Comics, Fridays,
and on Saturdays, classes for kids:
Grades 3-5 at Parsons
Grades 5-8 at Hootenanny Art House

Registrations will end early this week, so sign up right away!

So anyway, it's always a thrill to see my students continuing to pursue their creative ambitions in so many ways.

Eva Hill shares that she's going to have an illustration in the New Yorker's Daily Shouts column in February. Her client list already includes New York magazine and HarperCollins.

Charles Truett sent in this wonderful dream comic, Hank Van Brunt #0, excerpted above. He's hard at work on the official series, coming soon.

At the Brooklyn Book Fest in September, I picked up a copy of Tim Ballard's Chingu, the story of the adoption of his dog. Proceeds from his comic are donated to a Korean Dog Rescue.

Yiqing Zhang sent her crazy cool new comic, Buzz & Buzz, about a pesky mosquito and a darts master. Yiqing has recently completed her MFA in illustration and is hard at work on more zines. Follow her on Instagram.

Also on Instagram, we can track the progress of Joe Wessely. It's fun to see his paintings on rent envelopes and anatomical analyses of favorite comics.

Following her first comic, Re:Bound, Britina Cheng has kept up her pace producing illustrations, writing, and short comics.

Sasha Ganeles posts bunches of her funny cartoon drawings on Instagram.

Matt Young reaches out sometimes for feedback on projects. That's something I'm always happy to provide. Check out the delightful color work on his website.

An editorial illustration Leo did for Kitsch Magazine, for an article about tourists romanticizing the slums

 And Leo Levy shares that he's been drawing his pants off. Is that Leo behind the garbage bags? He's currently finishing a big comics project. Meanwhile, here's Leo's Instagram.

 And really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Come join the August group of vital creatives, studying hard and working joyfully to get their ideas ever more "out there."

I hope to see you soon.

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