Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aline the Alien

I've begun uploading my Aline the Alien comics to Kidjutsu, a new website for children. Come have a look. There are a number of good comics there. Register to vote on them and help shape the future content!


Stan said...

Congrats, Tom! Let me know how that goes! John Peters is also posting his Gypsy comic there now as well.

T. Motley said...

Yes, I've already given Gypsy my vote. Hi to John!

jeffk said...

Very cool! I remember seeing the originals of one or two of those in class. This is the first I've heard of Kidjutsu, but I'm having fun browsing the site - I have a real soft spot for all-ages-friendly comics.

Hey, while I'm here, have you seen this guy's stuff yet? In terms of webcomics presentation, I think he's pretty much nailed it. The way he can drop in new panels and elements like that opens up a ton of possibilities for formal experiments and such, and I know you have a lot of fun with that stuff.

T. Motley said...

Wow, Jeff, thank you so much for that link. My head is spinning. Maybe a long walk is in order. I've added it to my DeviantArt favorites.

Don't forget to register on Kidjutsu and vote for the good stuff. Over time it could edge out the other stuff.